About Us

Here at Townsend Fine Jewelry we are proud to be serving the town of Townsend and surrounding communities for the past seven years. We are a small business that provides good and personalized customer service. Every customer is treated with dignity and respect. We work with you and within your budget to help you find exactly what you are looking for to celebrate those special occasions. At Townsend Fine Jewelry we carry a nice selection of natural diamonds, precious gemstones, semi -precious gemstones, lab created gemstones, and a variety of 10k and 14k gold and 925 sterling silver in stock and have access to one of the world’s largest wholesalers with the ability to offer you unlimited options that fit your budget.

Along with always looking for ways to present our customers with multiple options that are budget friendly with our in-stock inventory, we also offer the highly customized separate service of in-house design. In this service we provide an option to create a truly unique piece of jewelry from scratch. Using state of the art Cad design software the mapping and specifications of the piece is designed, then a wax mold will be grown, after the mold is finished the jewelry piece is cast from the mold and ready to be set and polished. It is from start to finish a truly creative process that closely involves our customer’s preferences along with the skill and knowledge of our designer. Being a small business we are happy to be able to work one on one with the customer and provide such a personalized and unique service.

Another very useful service we offer is in-house jewelry repair. Your jewelry is precious to you and your peace of mind is important to us. We use multiple documentation services; the first one is done right away at the counter involving a process of capturing high resolution images of your repair before starting the repair process. Each measurement is taken and documented and a before and after record is created of each piece. You are provided with a repair ticket with a unique number that is to be presented upon return. Unlike bigger box store jewelry chains, or online services, our repair service is done in-house and not outsourced. You will also hear straight from the person working on your repair a detailed explanation of the process and what the costs and options are.

After noting the long list of services that Townsend Fine Jewelry does provide to our customers and community it is also important to list the services we do NOT offer. Our steadfast policy that we have implemented is that unlike other jewelry stores in the area we don’t purchase used jewelry from the public, we don’t offer consignment and we do not offer cash for gold.

Since 2013 we have been working hard to earn your trust and meet and exceed your expectations. Having many happy and satisfied customers is the reason why we are still here because of your continued support. We thank you for all of you who have supported us over these seven years and especially now during these unique and unprecedented times. We continue to look forward to offering the services of our small local business, Townsend Fine Jewelry, to the town of Townsend and its surrounding communities for many more years to come.

  • We are located in the harbor village plaza. (Hannaford Plaza) Rt. 119 
    18 Main St. R13 Townsend, MA 01469
  • Phone: 978.597.0000

    Monday:  10:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Tues:       10:00 am -  5:00 pm
    Wed:        10:00 am -  5:00pm
    Thurs:      10:00 am -  5:00 pm
    Fri:           10:00 am -  5:00 pm
    Sat:          10:00 am -  2:00 pm
    Sunday:   Closed


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